At ECOMATPRO® we provide engineered high performance ‘fused’ bamboo matting for all of your civil construction tasks. Rapid deployment eco-friendly matting for temporary (or permanent) access roads, construction sites within the energy, civil, utility power, and mining sectors

How ECOMATPRO® Bamboo Matting can Boost Your Performance

Cut your civil construction costs

Lighter than hardwood equals more mats can be loaded on a trailer which reduces your transport costs.

Provide a year round stable platform to all areas.

Increasing your commitment to sustainability and eco friendly.

Mat Comparison

The Science of LFB (Laminated Fused Bamboo)

Our original Bamboo Access Mat was engineered to overcome the natural limitations of timber mats. Three layers of LFB come together to form a mat that is flexible, durable, and built to endure multiple applications in wet and muddy environments.

Laminated Fused Bamboo is a high-strength engineered product created by bonding thin bamboo layers under heat and pressure. Prior to lamination, the layers are dried and the grains of each veneer are orientated in the same direction. This makes LFB stronger, straighter, and more uniform than solid timber and overcomes some of timber’s natural limitations such as strength-reducing knots.

10X stronger than wood in tension and 3X stronger mechanically

Comparable in strength to concrete and steel

30-40% lighter than oak

Produced from a completely renewable bamboo harvest

Less than 5% moisture absorption

Impervious to rot, fungus and insects

Less prone to shrinking or warping

3 layers of Laminated Fused Bamboo

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