Our ECOMATPRO® modular engineering design provides flexibility on multiple levels.

Service commences with a detailed site review, identify where we can focus our product to deliver the ultimate benefit to your project and keep your operation moving efficiently.

The basic cost effective standard mat provides 24/7 access and turning with hard standing for all medium level ground areas.

To keep you moving over wet Entry or Exit ramps (inclines) the exclusive “Gripper” with ground anchor system keep operators moving.

The ECOMATPRO® access mat does not create “wave flexing ” in front of truck tires during heavy load movements over unconsolidated ground, typical with HDPE products. A significant cost saving can be realized by improving “roll on” and associated fuel efficiency.

Each mat is interlocked with its adjacent mats via a patented “4 point” positive locking mechanism. With a mat weight of 460 kg, a high density of 1150kgs/m3 and a tensile strength equivalent to mild steel we trust our access mats to continually out perform any other product in the market.

We recognize many sites operate in remote environments, where transportation of equipment is a significant overhead. Natural wear and tear of our modular design is a simple
replacement of only the worn section.

This repair is carried out at site.
To facilitate this on-site repair we offer a service container stocked with replacement bamboo and patented 4 point linkage mechanisms.

Finally our “Bespoke” design application. If space is a premium, or you require a specific application we design modular units to fit your requirements.

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