At ECOMATPRO® we believe there is a better cost effective way to reach your destination.

We supply,

Daily rental, high performance high density fused Access Bamboo Matting, from a sustainable harvest environmentally friendly source. No other access/site location matting can meet these credentials.

We deliver,

Ecomatpro is a distributor for Asia and the Middle East. Our “fused” bamboo mats have a decade of proven experience in the grueling Canadian far north extreme environment and in the oil fields in the south of the United States. This unique product is now available to you. We can build temporary access roads, staging areas, floating roads on peat, mining roads and turning points for tipping and many other fast solutions all designed to save you money. 

Cost saving,

ECOMATPRO® rapid deployment a fast track choice, proven savings can total up to 60%, versus traditional civil works.


Offer more than 30 years of experience working in the energy sectors around the world. We know your challenges, that’s why we offer the solutions. 

As strong as steel & concrete.

Yet flexible & durable 

30-40% lighter than oak with less than 5% water absorption.

Transport more mats per load, save cost 

Install on unprepared ground, sand, silt, mud.

Substantial front end civil works cost saving 

With our regional hub in Singapore, we are well positioned to provide access solutions across the entire Asia and the Middle East region.

If you require temporary (or permanent) access roads, construction sites within the energy, civil, utility power, or mining sectors, we are the only sustainable choice.

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